Your basic guide and introduction to the visual art of calligraphy

Calligraphy is one form of writing that is very beautiful to see and many people know how to do it. It is a form of writing that has been admired because it is not easy when you are not used to writing like it. Many people have also practice how to do it as they were not used to it. It is an illustration or encouragement to you if you also want to learn calligraphy. It was connected to the Asian countries.

They use it not just to train the hand but also the body and mind. Now it is used generally by anyone who is creative and wants to write beautiful words and letters. There is a special pen designed for it and that is nib pen. It has different kinds and it is good to familiarize yourself on how to use it first before practicing to make words. You can see in the video what the uploader uses as a good kind of pen that can be brought anywhere unlike the nib pen that you have to carry the ink.

In the above image, you can see the guide of calligraphy per letters. There is the big letter and the small letter. You can design them later to be able to form words when you want to practice letters first. You can follow the techniques of the uploader so you have also a guide on how you can do it and be good at it. When it comes to the color motif of a wedding, gold has something to make it look more dazzling.  Gold Bridesmaid gown looks like a queen dress in luxury cloth. This is something amazing when we see this design in a wedding day.

The 10 famous and great statues you should visit next

Statues have been a part of the human society since they were made as part of the works of art. There have been many works of arts that have been made and that it exists around the world. Artists have made their own contribution to the society of arts.nMany work of arts are displayed in museums and there are the statues that were built to symbolize something. They are great works of arts that you should visit to see how good and beautiful they are.

Almost all people of the world know about the Statue of Liberty that stands high and magnificent that symbolizes freedom. These are one of the ones that are part of the ten list or statues that are popular. The next in the list is The Thinker that was created by an artist being inspired by what he imagined when he met a rock that is big that he has to go around it to arrive at his destination. The works oaf art are really the result of the creative mind.

One of the statues is The Motherland Calls that is historic and symbolic. An engineer and an architect partnered and collaborated to be able to build and finish it. It is great to see big works of arts that are being built that you can see even from a great distance. They are good to visit and see how great they are and feel what they want to let use know and understand. Don’t think too much about where to spend your time eating with friends. Here is a buffet restaurant of 外燴點心. This restaurant have been chosen by many people because of it’s perfect taste menus, by the way the mentioned restaurant is written in Asian character.

The amazing 3D interactive paintings found in Phillipines

When I saw this interactive painting in 3D I am amazed and feel like going their immediately to experience it myself but it is not easy. I am stilll planning my trip so I could also see for myself in person the paintings that are shown here. It is very interesting because you can play with the paintings. To make poses that you want and actions that connect to the paintings. If you have not watched the video, you can watch it below.

What did you feel when you are watching the video? Is it very nice to see right? I have not painted 3D paintings that kind of size. I have been practicing and I was much more encouraged due to the video I saw above. It is very nice and a good place to spend time with your family. It is very nice because it has different themes so you could also be creative and you can really enjoy this activity as observed in the video. I would also go there.

The image below is taken also in the same area in the Philippines. You can see how the person in the picture enjoys what he does. I also would want to be able to have a work that could bring to people and not just for the sake of collecting works of art. I have been painting but I currently do not do it for commercial but only for gifts to my family, friends, and acquaintances.

The guide to teaching your children to love arts at an early age

Art is one of the very nice topics that I want to discuss with other people. I also like other topics but I give careful consideration when it comes to the world of art. When I was a child, I like to draw and make doodles. My mother who always see what I do buy me many things that are related to art like the coloring books and drawing books. She does not have the talent of drawing or sketching or anything that is an art.

To help me learn art she bought me things to help my interest and so that I can learn and practice it. I started the world of art in that situation. I also learn how to draw comic book characters. From having a good beginning I have learned also paintings when I was in my teenage life. With the support that I got, I came to practice and find things to be creative. Now I can say that I am contented on what I have achieved.

I am not just writing about myself but I want to agree with the infographic that it is good to teach your children arts when they are still young. It is good to help them develop their interests and so that they can learn about it. They can be one that does not want to learn at first but you can help them in little ways and they will soon like it. An incredible dress design has been made for mothers. The mother-of-the-bride dresses is very important on the special day of their children. Dresses for mother are always perfect in design.

What is the Best Work of Art in the Whole World

Some people regard Arts as their life. In their daily living, arts is being applied. We know that there are different kinds of arts. For example, drawing, painting, sculpture and sketching. These are all regarded as Arts. Some say that even cooking is a work of art. Science is an art. If we think and consider these things carefully, anything that has its own beauty and attractive in the eyes of people is considered as a work of art.

We can say that a person is artistic when his works are being appreciated by people. There are numerous people who became well-known because of their work of art. The work of Leonardo Da Vinci which is famous in his painting of “The Last Supper”. Also, we can consider the buildings that is built and designed by architects and engineers as a work of art too. Everything in this world is a work of art.

If you are in an amazing place with it’s great tourist spot then you took pictures of them that is considered as art also. Photography can be a work of art. Everything that we see inside and outside of our home are all work of art. Because this world that we are living is considered as the greatest work of art which is created by the great power of God the creator. Among these things, we as human are considered also as the best and perfect artwork in the universe.

Introduction to painting: The 8 types of paint brushes

There are many artists in this world but there are also many who do not know how to do any kind of arts. It may be created for a balance that it is good at something and one is good for another thing. there are many things to be able to consider doing and one of it is to be in the arts. The world of art is very refreshing, relaxing and much more. It depends on the person who is involved. Today let’s see about painting.

Painting is one of the arts that many artists became famous. Now their names are well known to the whole world and also their work of arts. you can read or watch them. They are featured in the top ten list of great painters or great artists. If you have a dream like them then have fun starting to learn painting and improving on it. Do not be disappointed easily but make effort to be able to pursue the life being an artist as you will know the reward later.

You can see the different types of paint brushes. There are eight of it in the infographic. They are used in different situations or painting sessions. others can be used together, depending on what is the work of art that is being painted. There is the fan, mop, flat, bright, round and the others. You can practice them each because you can need them all in one setting.

The 8 careers you can get in the world of arts and design

There are many people who are into the world of arts and now they can use their talent to be able to have work. As technology has improved, careers also were created and technology can make the work easier and more creative. There are many uses of the technology that can help those who are not talented to make something like the wording. They can just type or design it on the computer and then let it be printed. Let us see about the career in art.

One of the works that are in demand today is the graphic artists. Employers can choose to hire someone who can work physically in their office or business. Or they can hire someone to work online. It is now a normal thing to work online. It is a great way to find employees that you want and be able to give enough salary for them in accordance with what is standard in that country. There are many talented and capable people who can work online.

You can even make your own crafts and sell it also online so you could make a great profit if people find your work interesting and worth it. You can ship it to different customers worldwide and you can grow internationally without having to establish an office building. The career in the art and design is booming and many find their work their. You can read the whole infographic for a good information. In order for your business to grow you must learn a new strategy online. SEO is a special tool that is recommended for you. This strategy helps you to optimize your website and engaging your business into digital marketing world.

The recommended type of music among 17 classifications for each job

Music is one of the things that can give comfort and relieve stress. It is one of the arts that is appreciated by many and artists are famous also. In every type of art, there are the persons who became famous in that field. In painting or singing or drawing there is a person who is good at it. In the world of music, there are many entertainers who are also famous worldwide. There are many kinds of music also that you can choose among them.

The above shows the different kinds of music and you can follow the questions to see what type of music is recommended to you. There is no fixed music for each person as each is different. They are just recommendations as they are thought to be of help. After series of question, it will help you arrive at the specific kind of work and the type of music is recommended, It is not just one classification so you can mix and listen to each genre or whatever you like most.

Other do not like to listen to music while working because it distracts them but it is also good that you listen when you are in a break. At that point, you can relax and at the same time listen to it to help you relax and relieve stress. In other stores or groceries, they play music and other businesses also use music to attract people. The way for your dream wedding is through looking for the best wedding organizer. Jasmine bridal clothing Industry makes your wedding gown into a glamorous look. They are top in fashion so many people are choosing this as their wedding designer for their dress and gowns.

The amazing evolution of musical tools throughout the years

When you listen to music there can be the instrumental kinds or the one with a song or the acapella. Music is universal and many people like to listen to music especially that there is a kind of music to choose from. It seems for each person there can be a music classification cater to it. The help to music to be spread from one country to another is the use of tools that have evolved through the years. Let us see how in the infographic.

In this infographic, the tools started from the 4 track tape machine that was also used by the famous Beatles. It was first used to record lessons for education but it was used for music and it has taken off to evolve into the walkman. The Walkman survived for long years as it exists even in the 20th century. Even at this time, there are still pieces of it and they developed it putting other features like a flashlight and solar chargers. It is not marketed internationally though.

It is good to look at the old things as it can bring memories. If you will ask some children what are the things that were used before, they may not know what are they. They do not know how to use them. They were born in this present time and they are exposed only to what is the technology today. Now they can know or we also can know about the past from the records.

What are the Different Genre of Arts

What are the different genre of arts. You probably are a student looking for the genre of art.

Visual Arts. These are arts made through brushes and strokes such as painting, drawing, sculpture. Like this, you can create visual arts using colors, pigments, mixer and other things. Under painting category, cubism, abstract, symbolism, distortion are examples. Pablo Picasso is an example of an abstract painter. He is known as one of the Spanish pride in terms of visual arts. He influenced people to use cubism style too.

Literary Arts. This kind of arts is expressed in language. Under this genre are poetry, short story, drama, comedy, novel, myth and so many kinds of writing. Famous artists are William Shakespeare whose works include: Romeo and Juliet (Tragedy) and Merchant of Venice (Comedy), poetry like sonnets. Another writer is John Donne a metaphysical writer. He is one of the most intellectual writer who wrote the poem ‘A Valediction’. One more good writer is William Blake, an English poet who became famous like Shakespeare.

Performing arts. This kind of arts are arts being performed in stage like dancing and singing. Now, famous works are those who are exemplary in social media. In the world, there are too many young artists as young as 5 years old who are joining in the world of performing arts. Jeffri Li is an example of a young singer who is now very famous in China and America. At the age of 8, he already started singing. Celine Tam at the age of 7 started her career.