Incredible Artworks

Praying Hands is one of the most famous drawing of Albrecht Durer in 1508. Durer is a very great painter who painted his friend’s praying hands for him to finish his studies and to paint good paintings.

Continent sculpture of Daniel Chester is one of the most famous sculpture in the world that caught the attention of all who are aware of the emergence of all the people in the world. As the title says, it depicts the continents of the world having Europe as the center.

The Last Supper of Leonardo da Vinci catches the attention of the world and it is now making a super fan from the whole world. Perhaps the reason why it so famous is that it created a simple history of Christianity.

Statue of Liberty of America is one of the most amazing statue in the world. This has already given a symbol in America. It creates a feeling of freedom and life.

Starry Night of Vincent Van Gogh is another amazing work of painting. If you are going to look into the original painting, you will really see how amazing,  perfect and unique his brush strokes are. His works are considered the real work of an artist.

Spolarium of Juan Luna is a painting that depicts the suffering of people from the hands of the conqueror. In his painting, he demonstrated the work of a good painting style in the times when there was still no materials for it.

Inquisition painting by Francisco Goya is one of the most unique painting that demonstrated how people were punished during the dark ages.