What is the Best Work of Art in the Whole World

Some people regard Arts as their life. In their daily living, arts is being applied. We know that there are different kinds of arts. For example, drawing, painting, sculpture and sketching. These are all regarded as Arts. Some say that even cooking is a work of art. Science is an art. If we think and consider these things carefully, anything that has its own beauty and attractive in the eyes of people is considered as a work of art.

We can say that a person is artistic when his works are being appreciated by people. There are numerous people who became well-known because of their work of art. The work of Leonardo Da Vinci which is famous in his painting of “The Last Supper”. Also, we can consider the buildings that is built and designed by architects and engineers as a work of art too. Everything in this world is a work of art.

If you are in an amazing place with it’s great tourist spot then you took pictures of them that is considered as art also. Photography can be a work of art. Everything that we see inside and outside of our home are all work of art. Because this world that we are living is considered as the greatest work of art which is created by the great power of God the creator. Among these things, we as human are considered also as the best and perfect artwork in the universe.